Vandalism Repair Services

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Graffiti Removal

At First General of the Alleghenies we can provide a service to remove Graffiti or any other offending marks from your property. Whether its a private home, commercial building or your car. We can help. We will provide a service that is to the best of our abilities. Your property will look like the vandalism never happened.

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Broken Glass Clean up and Repair

When there is a person that breaks into your home or business. A lot of times we don't think about what happens after where do we go from there. We are able to help you secure your house again. By either boarding up the window or door that is now broken. We also in some instances can get replacement parts to fix your problem very quickly. That way you can have your house secure again.

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Clean With Power Washer

When it comes down to it. First General Services has the resources to clean anything that has been vandalized. Most of the brick or wood items can be pressure washed. With our specialty pressure washers we can clean off all the paint, or material that was being used as graffiti. We can have it looking like new. When we are done with it.